Pre Requirements For Equipments

Description Required for Installation
Surrounding Area Clean & free from dust
Temp 20°C ~ 35°C (Recommended using AC)
Level Horizontally leveled
Clearance Space Right & Left Side Minimum 500mm
Back Side Minimum 500mm
Top Side Minimum 500mm
Door Open Area Greater than doors width size of equipment
Stability door entrance door Room door opening area should be greater than equipment size
Split type refrigeration unit (compressor unit) Distance between equipment and compressor unit should not exceed 45 feet
3” diameter hole required at wall for passing copper pipe of split type refrigeration unit.
Proper shade is required to protect compressor unit from rain water.
Required stabilized power supply for equipment For non walk-in type Single phase, 230±10 VAC, 50 Hz, 20 Amp
For walk-in type Three phase, 440±10 VAC, 50 Hz, 32 Amp
Proper ear thing Must
Cable specification For non walk-in type 3 core
For walk-in type 4 Core
Metal clad socket with MCB For non walk-in type 25 Amp
For walk-in type 32 Amp / 63 Amp
Required UPS for PLC & Control system Single phase, 230±10  VAC, 50 Hz, 250 VA
Required stabilized power supply for Calibrator & Printer Single phase, 230±10 VAC, 50 Hz, 5 Amp
Required LAN por t [I/O] for communication of equipment and software Information outlet [I/O] for each equipment and distance between equipment & por t should not exceed
2.5 meters.
Drainage Level Concealed (below ground level)
Pipe specification 3” diameter PVC
Continuous water supply Water quality Dust free De mineralized or soft water
Pressure 1 kg/cm² ~ 1 Bar ~ 15 psi approx
Valve diameter ½ “ BSP
For equipment Printer Inter face & calibration print out Dot matrix LX-300+ printer for taking print outs from calibrator and recorder
Standard printer cable for Dot matrix LX-300+ printer with continuous stationary
HP Laser Jet for taking print outs from computer with A4 size papers.

Recommended Servo Voltage stabilizer
Distance between copper pipe of compressor unit & equipment should not exceed 45 feet

Pre - Requirements For DAAS Software
Description Required for Installation
PC Hardware & Software
Configuration for DAAS software
Dual core, 2.3+ GHz processor
L2 cache – minimum 2 MB
CD-ROM (writer)
Free LAN card
1 LPT port to connect the printer
Free serial port RS 232 OR USB to RS 232 converter (for GSM)
Free USB port – 2 nos.
Operating system: MS Windows XP Professional version 2002 with service pack 2 installed.
Adobe Acrobat Reader – PDF
MS-OFFICE 2003 with complete version [Excel, access, word]
Quick Heal Total Security [Note: Do not install any other Anti-Virus]
Database software: MY-SQL 5.0
Java Runtime Environment
JDK 1.5
TOMCAT 5.0 Web-servers

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