Common Features

For Validation purpose Temp / Humidity multipoint Scanner can be provided with printer & PC interface facility.

21 CFR PART-11 Compliance
Log data, Event data, Audit Trail data, E-Records & E-signatures, Graphical analysis & Data acquisition.

SMS Mobile Alert System
With GSM technology we will get malfunction SMS of equipment on Mobile Phones.

Eco Friendly Poly Urethane insulation provided maximum for thermal protection & to increase rigidity for reliable daily use.

Air Circulation
A high efficiency air circulation system is an integral part of chamber construction This direct drive design has an extended shaft electric motor coupled to aluminum centrifugal blower wheel. This horizontal airflow across the chamber working space is provides an even & accurate temperature & humidity gradient.
Interior Lighting
High intensity, low voltage fluorescent lights are provided. Interior light makes viewing workspace & product hassle free.

Chamber Port
60mm diameter port with silicon cork is included for passing sensor probes into the chamber workspace for validation without altering the chamber.

Control System
PLC based control system with high usage data storage facility (250 Line) which giv accurate readings of temperature & humidity. 0.1°C Resolution for temperature & 0.1% Resolution for RH High stability & reliability, Security lock for prevention of unauthorized tampering, Non Volatile memory.

Heating System
High efficiency, low watt density S.S .tubular air heaters are used with ceramic core. The combination of air flow, instrument response & fast reacting heaters provides very accurate& straight line control of temperature. These heaters have a long life & are very reliable with no down time.

In-House Refrigeration Systems
A single stage refrigeration system with a hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor. Fin& tube type bullet expanded evaporator are used. High efficiency fin & tube type bullet expanded condenser coils are used. Refrigeration design protects compressors & prolongs life keeping cool during all operating condition. Refrigeration design uses less power saving operating cost.

Humidity System
Humidity is generated by water evaporation in separate compartment providing a water droplet free atmosphere, This ensures excellent uniformity & stability of the chamber environment . A reservoir water tank is provided which is fitted with float valve to maintain the water level in the steam generator tank.

Stand by Refrigeration & Humidity System
Two steam generators and two water reserve tanks are provided. In case of any system failure or breakdown the stand by system is switched over automatically without disturbing the test condition.

Safety System

PLC based Safety controller is provided having eight safety cut-off with Auto reset facility.
Lower 1 Temp cut-off (Below set point): Cut off Refrigeration system with audio visual indication.
Lower 2 Temp cut-off (Below set point): Cut off Load supply with audio visual indication
Higher 1Temp cut-off (Above set point): Cut off Heating and Humidity system with audio visual indication.
Higher 2 Temp cut-off (Above set point): Cut off Load supply with audio visual indication.
Lower 1 Humidity cut off (Below set point): audio visual indication
Higher 1 Humidity cut off (Above set point): audio visual indication
Higher 2 Humidity cut off (Above set point): Cut off Steam generator system with audio visual indication
Steam Generator Safety: Low water level cut-off, when water is not present in the steam generator tank.

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