Design Qualification (DQ)
Defines the functional and operational requirement and specification of the instrument and details the conscious decisions in the selection of the supplier.

Installation Qualification (IQ)
Confirms that all the equipment was installed to specifications. All of the model and serial numbers are documented.

Operational Qualification OQ)
Verification of operator controls, alarms, software, stand by system & chamber temperature mapping and verification that chamber stays within the humidity tolerances.

Performance Qualification (PQ)
Confirms that the chambers are meeting the operating set points at stipulated product load. The temperature and humidity accuracy is also confirmed.

Calibration & Validation
Calibration is the comparison of an instrument to a known standard. Our equipments are calibrated with multipoint calibrator, which is certified by ERTL (Indian Government Agency) traceable to NABL India and NPL (National Physical Laboratory), Delhi – one that has paperwork showing it compares correctly to a chain of standards going back to a master standard.

Validation of equipment means preparing an authentic report of performance of the equipment, which establishes the fundamental documentary proof of proper working of the equipment within the specified limits of its performance accuracy and repeatability.

  • PLC Validation
  • Hooter System Document
    • Electrical wiring diagram and hooter study
  • Remote annunciator alarm system (raas) document
  • Software Documentation
    • Design specification of software
    • Functional specification of software
    • Release note of software
    • Privileges of software
  • Sms Alert System

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