Bacteriological Incubator Manufacturer and suppliers In Guwahati, India

Bacteriological Incubator Manufacturer and suppliers In Guwahati, India

Bacteriological Incubator is a laboratory equipment used for the incubation of biological product under different environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and other atmospheric conditions. For better accuracy, bacteriological incubator is available with digital temperature controller with thermocouple sensor. These are thermostatically insulated enclosures which maintain the constant temperature.

In the incubator hot air is circulated over the shelves or racks containing samples. The bacteriological incubator is doubled walled construction made of different materials. This is a perfect and reliable product for different operations such as staining, drying, and incubation of antibody tests and for microbial determination. Bacteriological incubator, is suitable for growing bacterial cultures, hatching eggs artificially suitable conditions for biological or chemical reaction as temperature and humidity can be controlled. Bacteriological incubators are manufactured and designed to fulfill needs of any research laboratory for the cultivation of bacteria and for facilitating biological test.

Applications of the bacteriological incubator are culturing microorganisms, to identify the casual microorganisms and developing the vaccines, in tissue culture (aquaculture), in animal husbandry, and in the other biological fields to get the good hybrids and for that crucial operation. Bacteriological Incubator is also useful in the dairy and food processing industry, biochemistry, microbiology, and sewage treatment plants. Mack Pharmatech's bacteriological incubator is highly reliable, flawless and cost-effective.

  • 21 CFR PART-11 Compliance
  • Log data
  • Event data
  • Audit Trail data
  • E-Records & E-signatures
  • Graphical analysis & Data acquisition
    Optional Features
  • Scanner
  • GSM Technology
  • Hooter System
  • Extra Tray

Technical Specification  
Temperature Range: 10°C above ambient to 60°C
Accuracy: +1 °C
Uniformity: + 2°C

Eco Friendly PUF Insulation has thickness of 80mm. Projected door prevents condensation & allows product view. Inner & outer doors are sealed around the entire perimeter by silicone sponge rubber gasket.

Bullet feet with in-built screwing adjustment are specially designed for long life under heavy load.

Heavy Duty refrigeration system, maintenance free, with hermetically sealed refrigeration compressors and reliable refrigeration to minimize noise and vibration.

21 CFR PART-11 Compliance
Log data, Event data, Audit Trail data, E-Records & E-signatures, Graphical analysis & Data acquisition.

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Models MK*-20BO MK*-40BO MK*-60BO MK*-80BO MK*-100BO MK**-S100BO MK**-S200BO MK**-S300BO
Features 200 Ltrs 400 Ltrs 600 Ltrs 800 Ltrs 1000 Ltrs 1000 Ltrs 2000 Ltrs 3000 Ltrs
Interior Dimension
Width in mm 600 700 700 700 800 800 1600 1900
Depth in mm 400 600 800 800 800 800 750 800
Height in mm 850 950 1100 1450 1600 1600 1700 2000
Exterior Dimension
Width in mm 760 860 860 860 960 960 1940 2240
Depth in mm 865 1060 1265 1265 1265 1265 1260 1310
Height in mm 1450 1550 1700 2050 2210 2210 1890 2190
No of Trays 2 3 3 4 4 4 8 12
Type Wiremesh Type
Tray spacing Every 1/2" Adjustable - -
Power Supply
Power Supply Single Phase, 230V 50Hz
Power Rating 1.5KW 2KW 2KW 3KW 3KW 3KW 4KW 4KW
Warranty 12 months

Other sizes also available as on requirement.

Models Material of Construction
Interior Exterior
MK1 S.S.304 Dull Finish G.I  Powder Coated
MK2 S.S.304 Dull Finish S.S.304 Dull Finish
MK3 S.S.316 Dull Finish S.S.304 Dull Finish

  • MK* :- MK1 / MK2 / MK3
  • MK**-S :- Split type Condensing Unit
  • MK**- S200BO & MK**- S300BO are Panel & Trolley type (Split Type Condensing Unit)

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Bacteriological Incubator Manufacturer and suppliers In Guwahati, India



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